Saturday, January 08, 2011

House of Jones is otherwise engaged...

Hey out there! We've been a little busy lately. Since last post, one of our kids has permanently moved out (if there is such a thing), one has begun high school,. another has applied for university, and Mama Jones has completed her first year of graduate studies in leadership through Royal Roads University. The business has taken a back seat while working full time through studies and our friends haven't seen much of us, but it's been worth the small sacrifices. We are also involved in formalizing a North American training entity regarding Gentle Teaching, and I'm taking part in a separate research project regarding integrity of community organizers. It's never boring around here, and when it feels like it is, we paint a room.... (this Christmas break we painted the entire living room/dining room/entry. I don't think we were bored, so much as we were in shock over going so fast and then coming to a complete halt for a week ... anyway, the house looks great!)

I've begun to think about next adventures. With J2 awaiting acceptance into university and my convocation in the not-too-distant future, what else would I like to tackle? Open a new business? Pull up roots and move to somewhere foreign? Write another manual, finish the novel?

2011 will provide plenty of opportunities, which seem to be falling into our lap faster than we can decide where to focus our energies. For now, I'm concentrating on what's immediately in front of me and trying to avoid tempting little ideas. But I am writing them down for future consideration...

Happy 2011 everyone!


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