Monday, April 30, 2007


We have had the opportunity to reconnect with some dear friends over the past several weeks. One of them, who was having babies the same time I was having babies, said that the friendships you have during the births of your children are some of the most poignant relationships of your lifetime. I totally agree. Seeing these people again after 8 years has felt so good.

Some of them go to a very vibrant and active church which we've had the privilege of visiting recently. It is so encouraging to see people not only talking a good talk and planning for the future, but walking a good walk and taking care of the present too. Being committed agents of change in their neighborhoods. Remembering people who need something more in their lives - whatever 'more' happens to be. Stopping in the middle of a Sunday morning to celebrate with one person, and mourn with someone else. Acknowledging comings and goings. Providing opportunities to learn, ask questions, develop relationships, and even just have fun. Remembering how worship and religion are defined biblically. I like visiting other churches. It's nice to get a more global perspective on these things so we don't get too inward-focused, or mistakenly think we're the only ones doing it right.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Words of wisdom (not!)

Putting your best foot forward constantly... sure keeps you hopping!