Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heading into Crazytime

It's been a riproaring fast year, and the next few weeks will outpace them all. Mrs. Jones' busiest work week all year is on deck, with the annual literacy conference in Saskatoon, leading 3 meetings, coordinating everyone's details and doing a lot of hand-holding through the whole process. Thankfully our office is working toward building more of a team mentality, so I expect this year will go more smoothly than last. J3 soccer, kids youth activities and work schedules, band and drama performances, and even some Christmas functions are starting up. Mr. Jones is still in Regina about 1/2 time but hopefully won't miss too much around here.

I dream of jeannie... who can keep up with the laundry and have supper ready at 5:15 every day...