Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random is the new boredom...

This was originally going to be a blog note, but went on Facebook first. Anyway, this might be much more entertaining than a laundry list of busywork from the HouseofJones. I'm tired of listing off who did what when. So instead, here are some random facts:

  • I'd love to get a tattoo, if I could figure out what my personal logo would consist of.
  • 2. I've been writing poetry and prose since I was in Grade 2. ("Teacher, may I write a poem?" nerd.)
  • 3. I find it's easier to write a character if they have an accent.
  • 4. Cut and color for a 12-year old? $146.00. Watching her face as she walks out? Priceless. Well, actually, $146.00.
  • 4. There are certain things I will never do in a public washroom. They all involve the number two.
  • 5. I have 6 scars, two of which are from simple bug bites, none of which come with a good story. Except for Stone Kitty Trip Chin. But the title really tells the story, so...
  • 6. I wonder if wooden salad tongs are even cheaper in Denmark.
  • 7. I think Ricky Gervais is a genius and Karl Pilkington is remarkably underpaid.
  • 8. People who take a 22 year break from school are generally much wiser than their classmates.
  • 9. I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike bar. But I'd pay for a bag of chips.
  • 10. Necks that are abused on roller coasters take at least 6 days to heal.
  • 11. I love entertaining, feeding people and laughing.
  • 12. I can't remember the last time I entertained anyone (on purpose) or fed anyone (on purpose?).
  • 13. I feel a new year's resolution coming on...
  • 14. I am literally suffering from travel withdrawal.
  • 15. I hate it when people use the word 'literally' to emphasize an overstatement.16. When it comes to neighbours, we really hit the jackpot.
  • 17. Sometimes when I'm being sarcastic, people take me seriously.
  • 18. I miss my old neighbourhood. So many good friends just steps away.
  • 19. Not counting ya-yas, I've talked more about myself here than I have anywhere, to anyone, in years.
  • 20. This year I want to fix the front step, plant veg, build railings, replace fence, and build stone wall.
  • 21. This year, Tim wants to enjoy the work we did last year.
  • 22. Am I the only one who found In Bruges both devastating AND hilarious?
  • 23. I absolutely cannot even imagine what the future holds. (Sub-bullet which would fit nicely under almost any bullet.)
  • 24. My marriage has spanned 2 decades and I am very proud of that. Take a lesson, kids out there: sometimes you really do know what you're doing!
  • 25. We have a kitchen table, a dining room table, and rarely eat at either.
  • 26. Coolest snack for the sweet tooth: Tim Tam Slams. You'll have to ask us or the T-Fs to get a description. It is an experience.
  • 27. There is nothing else to share of interest. That is all.