Sunday, February 01, 2009

Looking forward to April

Sem 2 has begun for the boys. Final sem for J1 - what a weird concept. Weirder still, J2 will take driver's ed soon. J3's soccer season is ramping up... being at the soccer centre by 4:45 is really pushing the limits of possibility. (I mean, come on! Don't the other soccer moms and dads have lives beyond the game?!) J2's rehearsals for the spring musical, Grease, have begun. Mr. Jones is headed to Detroit for a few weeks. Mrs. Jones is all over the map (the Saskatchewan map, that is) leading various discussion forums and workshops. And if all that wasn't enough, I've dusted off my abacus and am testing the academic waters. How much could one university class possibly add to a workload? (For such an old lady, I can be pretty wet behind the ears sometimes...) Once the training workshops consuming my and Mr. Jones' time, as well as soccer and classes, are out of the way, life is going to feel pretty serene. Hurry up, April!