Tuesday, September 30, 2008

band rocks

especially the lead clarinet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I learned something this week

I learned that I am blessed with really super, long-term genuine friends. The ya-yas have been together for 9 years, and I gotta say we are so much more than a book club. We share a poignant deepness with each other that I so cherish. We share laughter that that has the power to move mountains, heal leprosy make us all incontinent. You can't put a price on that.

The Football Family has gotten together for ten years. We were there this weekend for the game. And as I watched Cates limp off and heard the murmur of conversation around me, I realized that this experience is so much deeper than a football game. (And Kerrin's prime rib was unbelievable!)

But these aren't all - there are people far and wide with whom I share a mutual knowledge of and love for that is very genuine and very deep. This is a great blessing and I hope I can learn how to honour this adequately in my lifetime - incontinent laughter not necessarily included (but pretty likely.)

I learned that my position at work and our business has forced/invited/allowed me to use strengths of visioning, appreciative inquiry and leadership that have not always been embraced in other work situations, and that I can freely embrace who I am, even if I am strong. This is a great freedom.

I wish I could say that I've finally learned where the turnoff to Hiway 11 is from the #6 north of Regina. Could have saved me some mileage today.

Great weekend. Great prime rib. I'm hungry...

Monday, September 01, 2008

AHHHHH.... Remembering Summer '08

Is it just me or was summer a completely sublime experience?

  • TIME OFF: Lots of weeks of it for all of us
  • NO PLANS. Everyone should try this for one summer!
  • Sub-head under NO PLANS: LOTS OF PLANS for puttering around the yard: Deck stuff, gate stuff, painting, building rock pathway, flowerbeds, outdoor lights, installing garage door opener... a task for every day in the sun while running kids back and forth to camp, camp and more camp.
  • SMOOTHIES: Perfect day scenario: Accomplish the day's plan, rest in the sun until your brain sizzles, mix up strawberry/yogurt smoothies, plop lawn chairs in the pool and sip them with J3, who totally gets how cool this scenario is.
  • MARCO POLO: Okay, the pool's size makes it really easy to find each other. Getting creative = more laughter and occasionally some agua up the schnozz. Good times. Even J2 and Mr. Jones got involved!
  • CHITTER CHATTER: Parents from BC, friends from all over, around the fire pit or on the deck, reconnection time was sweet.
  • NEW NIECE: Isabel is beautiful.
  • COMPED AT ELK RIDGE: Our weekend at Waskesiu turned extravagant when we were double-booked at our cabin and were 'forced' to overnight at Elk Ridge. Uber-schmance!

On the horizon:

  • Once upon a time Mr. Jones had a twinkle in his eye. Now, he's got a second agency running in Regina. Lots of trips back and forth for him.
  • Last year of high school for J1 and lots of thoughts about the future.
  • Grade 10 for J2 plus a lotta Grade 11 classes, some driver training and learning a new musical instrument.
  • Grade 7 for J3, indoor soccer sked (God help us) and a lot of hair product.
  • Puerto Rico for Gentle Teaching conference, October
  • Winter family vakay somewhere warm, some time in winter.
Let the autumn good times roll!